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Kylie Jenner In A White Dress

Kylie Gave North & Penelope A Fuck Ton Of Makeup

By Betch Du Jour

The holidays are obviously over, 2016 has committed suicide, and we've all been reborn into the new year that is 2017. Now, it's time to assess the damage of our winter breaks. As in, how much less shitty were our bodies 12 days ago? How much $$$ did we spend on alcohol, drugs, and food? Lastly, did we receive any dope-ass gifts to make this all worth it? Nothing will make you feel worse about that last one than judging what the Kardashian Klan received for Kristmas. For instance, take a gander at the "present" Kylizzle hooked up her 3- and 4-year-old nieces with:

Kylie Cosmetics North & Penelope Christmas

Enough makeup for an army of skanks! Which is not to imply that North and Penelope are an army of skanks. It's just pointing out how much damn makeup's in there. The pressure we put on young women these days, I tell ya.

Kim K Traumatized Kids

The gesture is sweet, and I guess it would be really hard—as a bajillionaire—to buy presents for small humans who cannot do basic math yet and who are also bajillionaires. Like, what do they really need? 30 lipsticks from their auntie Kylie (and probably some intensive therapy in a few years) should do the trick.

Black and White Kylie Face




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