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Kylie Jenner Has Finally Released Her Favorite Selfies Of 2016

Please stop everything you’re doing and cancel your plans for the evening because something extremely important has just happened. Kylie Jenner has finally released her favorite selfies of 2016. There are 20 of them and they’re posted on her website with the following note:

So I took a lot of selfies this past year because, well, ya know. There were SO many good options to choose from, but check out some of my favorite pics (in no particular order) that I took of myself during 2016!

So casual for such a serious announcement, I know, but rest assured that Kylie is just as invested in this as we are. While we’ve been agonizing in anticipation about whether that living room selfie from July 11 would be selected (spoiler alert: it wasn’t #devastating), she was working with a team of over 100 people to ensure the fairest possible determination of winners. Are some of these choices controversial? Of course they are. But not all lip pouts could be awarded; therefore, we have to accept these results even if we don’t agree with every single one of them. With that being said, we present to you without further ado a sampling of the “Selfies that Standout from 2016.”




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