Lady Gaga Will Sing In Space In 2015 | Betches

Lady Gaga Will Sing In Space In 2015

By The Betches

Just when you were thinking that Lady Gaga's weirdness might have plateaued, she tweeted that she wants to sing a song in space in 2015. In case you weren't already sure she's an alien.

Apparently she's going to take a Virgin Galactic flight (Richard Branson's new thing, like Virgin Atlantic, except for space flights, and if you haven't heard of it you're probably poor) for like a few minutes and sing a song there. Ideally it'll be a good song, we'll see. She also has to train her voice for a while to make sure she can handle the weird oxygen sitch there. Maybe she'll even pull a George Clooney and just float away. Now that would be true performance art. What can I say, she lives for the applause.




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