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Easy Subscription Box Gifts You Can Get Last Minute To Look Like You GAF

By Jane Duh

So for those of you betches who celebrate the season, Christmas is upon us. Now, the best part of Christmas is obvs receiving presents, but unfortunately this often means that you have to give presents as well. If you're like me, gift giving gives you major anxiety because you have to be thoughtful and spend money and shit. But now, thanks to the internet, it is like way easier to pretend you've been listening to people when they tell you about their interests. First, all you have to do is casually view their social media and pick like, one thing they clearly like. Example: if you got your coworker for secret santa and you notice that they post an insta every morning of their cup of coffee then you now know that not only is this person boring AF, but they also like coffee. So get them coffee. Easy. Now get back to your nap.

And what's the easiest way to get someone a no-wrap gift that you don't even have to bother sending out yourself? Subscription boxes! You know, like Naturebox and shit (except not Naturebox because they actually have no gifting option and I'm not gonna get charged every goddamn month for Rachel in Accounting. Sorry.) And now you don't even have to bother looking up these boxes yourself because I did it for you. All you have to do is mix and match and watch everyone flip the fuck out over how good at gift giving you are. 




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