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Learn a Cocktail: White Russian

By Betchy Crocker

Since this week will no doubt be full of broken promises and hangovers (just like college), we thought we’d explore a lovely and ancient cocktail that you could probs nurse instead of those Christmas cookies mom sent you home with. The White Russian (also known as the Black Russian) is neither from the old country nor healthy, but it’s like, really good.

The classic drink first appeared in the magical year of 1949 and was originally known as a Black Russian before someone (probs a racist) added cream and dubbed it a white.

There have also been changes to the drink made over the years, with variations including the Blind Russian made with Bailey’s instead of cream; the White Canadian made with goat’s milk instead of cream (EW; wtf Canada?); the White Mexican (lol) made with horchata; and even a Dirty Russian made with chocolate milk instead of cream.

Regardless of which fucking way you make it, White Russians are like grown up chocolate milk – combining irresponsibility, sugar, and alcohol into one delicious package.


  • 2 oz of good Russian vodka – the kind you really don’t mind drinking straight
  • 1 oz Kahlua or other coffee-flavored liquor
  • Heavy cream (can be substituted with Bailey’s, which we recommend)

Add the vodka and Kahlua to an old fashioned glass (ask your boyfriend what this is if you don’t know and if he’s classy enough to fucking know) filled with ice. Top with a large (or very large) splash of the Bailey’s or cream. Stir. Drink with a bendy straw.

Happy New Year – may it be full of alcohol and blackout nights.




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