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6 Things I've Learned from Rewatching The Hills

You've probably already heard by now that MTV has launched a channel just for their "classic" shows. This means you'll be able to watch every episode of Laguna Beach and The Hills and Teen Mom, basically at any time.

In preparation for The Hills special Tuesday, I felt like it was time I brushed up on the drama of the past. All the episodes are available on Hulu, and apparently I have a lot of free time. When The Hills first aired, I was still in high school. Now, as a wiser, slightly more experienced adult, my perception of some of the characters and drama is much different.

Here's what I learned.

When you first watched The Hills, you probably wanted Lauren to be your best friend. She was the star of the show, after all. The real MVP, though, was Whitney. She was always a decent friend. Listened to LC's bullshit drama and barely ever complained about her own life. That's the girl you want on your team, if you ask me.




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