Lil Wayne: Broast of the Week | Betches

Lil Wayne: Broast of the Week

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Tomorrow marks the 32nd birthday of one of our fave Ugly Hots, the fabulous Lil Wayne aka Tunechi aka Lil Tunechi aka Weezy aka Weezy F Baby aka Birdman Jr. We've already covered why betches love Wayne and instead of re-hashing the same topic in true Weezy fashion, we're going to take this moment to cover his most Wayne-tastic moments.

I'm stopping now because Lil Wayne has as many golden moments as he has tattoos, aka enough to cover a 5'6" man from head to toe.  All I'm gonna say is: Happy Birthday Tunechi. I'm glad you've made it to 32. May you live another long 32 years, provided you put down the sizzurp once in a while.




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