Lipstick Shades, Ranked By Betchiness | Betches

Lipstick Shades, Ranked By Betchiness

By Betch Du Jour

What you choose to put on your lips actually says a lot about your soul and whether or not you're ugly. In fact, your lipstick color can basically make or break you. As in, pick the wrong one and you're screwed forevz. Seriously, one time I wore a specifically heinous shade of pink to school (I was inspired by my then idol, Kate from Lizzie Mcguire) and my BFF called me out in front of everyone, so I made out with her dad and now the whole family doesn't speak. Obviously I won that fight, but you get the point. Anyway, in case you were curious - yes her dad was hot - but also, yes I'm here to help you not make the same mistake.

In order from betchy to absolutely vomit-inducing, here's a ranking of lipstick shades.




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