Betches’ Guide To Low-Key Halloween Prep | Betches

Betches’ Guide To Low-Key Halloween Prep

Whether you like Halloween or not, even the most chill betch can’t go five minutes without being reminded that the holiday is coming up next weekend. Betches have mixed feelings about Halloween, because as much as we love any excuse to chase our vodka with Sour Patch Kids and black out in a sparkly bralette, it’s usually overhyped.

We know some girls have been ordering matching tutus and bunny ears for their costumes since last November, but if you’re a truly low-key betch, you probably haven’t even thought about your plans yet. I mean, you’re busy and you don’t care. But now that the time has come, it’s time to do a little prep for Halloween. For the betch who has just been too chill to plan, here are some tips for the most low-key Halloween prep: 




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