M.A.C. Launches Good Luck Trolls Collection| Betches

M.A.C. Launches Troll Collection To Match Your Inner Beauty

Well, it's official. M.A.C. has finally ran out of ideas for makeup collections. Forget Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, the next faces of M.A.C. are the Troll dolls that kept you up at night when you were ten. 

This week, M.A.C will release the Good Luck Trolls collection, and I am positive that no one will buy it. Why? Because, ladies! No one wants to buy makeup that makes you look like a troll! You already look like a troll when you wake up! #shesdefinitelynotbornwithit #iwokeuplikethis #ugly

Let's take a look at some of the products from the ugly troll collection.

Great! Lipstick that makes it look like you got down and dirty with Papa Smurf.




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