Mean Girls: Where Are They Now? | Betches

Mean Girls: Where Are They Now?

By Sabrina the Tee...

Every day, but especially on Mean Girls day, we take some time to thank God and Tina Fey for creating this movie. It’s been twelve years since it was released (shit, we’re old) and most of us still quote it on a daily basis, so clearly our lives haven’t changed that much. We do however wonder what our favorites character would currently be up to, so we’ve tracked down everything you need to know since we last saw them at North Shore:

After Aaron dumped her two months into college, Cady went through a slutty phase during her senior year and started smoking a shit ton of weed. She decided to take a gap year to save all the little birdies and monkeys back in Africa, and then became a vegan tree-hugger in college where she majored in math. She posts a lot of photos from mountaintops, is dating a barista and just applied for a teaching fellowship in Thailand—mostly because of the Full Moon Festival but also because world peace.




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