The Men Of Mean Girls: How Hot Are They Now? | Betches

The Men Of Mean Girls: How Hot Are They Now?

It's National Mean Girls Day, a day which will forever live on in infamy. To kick off our Mean Girls coverage, we're doing some important investigative journalism. The movie was all about the female characters and the men were just kind of an afterthought (#feminism), which was why we loved it, so it begs the question: What happened to all the guys in Mean Girls? Where are they now? More accurately, how hot are they now? It took a solid 10 minutes of Googling, but we've got the answers.

Aaron Samuels (and sorry, that will forever be his name), was a regulation hottie. Obviously. Though he was kind of a pussy for letting all these girls push him around in like, all facets of life—from his hair, to his party hopping agenda. Whatever. Just proves guys will do anything for some action, even if they're insanely hot. Anyway, obviously Aaron was the subject of all our sex dreams circa 2004.




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