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The Mental Timeline Of A Betch On A Run

By Blackout Betch

You’re laying on the couch binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on a Sunday afternoon when a terrifying thought crosses your hungover mind. What if you get fat? You ordered shitty Seamless again last night because your SAB was sober and you swore you’d only stick to vodka sodas, but somehow Long Island Iced Teas started landing in your hand and…that’s about all you remember.

Nothing motivates a betch more than the fear of getting fat. Happy hour trumps all until your size 2 jeans take an extra 10 seconds to put on and you find yourself shoving your feet into your Nikes faster than you can say, “Maybe you should try Sears.”
This spark of enthusiasm for exercise is great and all, but once you actually get to the gym to burn off all your regrets from the night before, you're in physical pain before you even start running.

The mental timeline of a betch on a run is unsurprisingly similar to a drug addict in withdrawal. Except the drugs of choice are bed and Netflix, which are equally addictive, TBH.
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