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A Definitive Ranking Of The Betchiest Messaging Apps

By Miss Ameribetch

Messaging apps have come a long way since our middle school Nokia days, and now we have more ways to say "hey" than our parents and their parents combined.  Not all messaging apps were created equal, though, and some are better than others. We’ve ranked the top messaging out their by betch factor using exclusivity, chill factor, hype, and other arbitrary totally logical standards we made up. Feel free to argue in the comments if you disagree. Let’s pour one out for BBM and get started, shall we?

While Instagram is still killing it at the photo sharing game, it’ll take more than a hip-hop song to make DM’s betchy. Instagram DM’s are what Snapchat was in 2013—just an afterthought or for dick pics only. People that tell you to hit them up on Instagram are promoters and wannabe rappers, and we all know it’s a thinly veiled attempt to get you to follow them. Trying too hard makes this the least betchy app to message on. But it’s still Instagram and they’ve got a billion dollars so they’re on this list because apps can change. We’ll keep this one on the backburner.




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