Miley's Boyfriend Patrick Acts Shady AF in Cabo | Betches

Miley's Boyfriend Patrick Acts Shady AF in Cabo

By Betch Waldorf

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miley’s college boy BF, had a kick ass time at spring break in Cabo with some random ass bitch this past weekend. TMZ, the homewrecking website of Hollywood, posted some pictures this morning of Patty (can we call you Patty?) linking arms and awkwardly holding some random spring breaker. Whoops, apparently Patty didn’t know he was being stalked by the paparazzi on spring break. Which, to his defense, seems totally fucked up. He’s like 19 on spring break in Mexico, like could you back the fuck up? If spring break isn’t sacred, nothing is.

TMZ was like “apparently the girl was just a “friend” but friends don’t do body shots of one another”…. So clearly whoever writes for TMZ has some lame ass friends. Friends take body shots off each other all the fucking time, haven't you ever been to college? Mardi Gras? Anywhere fun? Patty took to twitter to pull the “omg she’s just a friend” card, and Milez probably is too busy playing with her fucking pig to give a shit.

If you want my honest opinion, of course you do, it looked sketchy AF but like also I’ve totally been that drunk girl who latches onto guy friends (even if they are taken) at a party. It’s like, whatever.
Shoutout to USC Kappa Kappa Gamma for becoming relevant and having a girl on TMZ- that’s a huge step up from the usual bullshit on TSM.






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