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Netflix Shows You Should Watch Before Summer Ends

By The Betches

Normally I oppose to using this word, but any true betch knows that Netflix is the one and only bae. It’s pretty much everything a betch needs in her life: endless options, newer and better things coming constantly, total control over every aspect of it, and your dad pays for it. Netflix is most comforting during the summer, always working around your busy schedule of drinking and tanning, and picking up right where you left off. 

But FYI, summer ends in a month, so your summer fling with Netflix is going to start to fizzle. It’ll still be there for you obviously, but much like the sequel to Legally Blonde, it’ll never be the same. Your time together will grow shorter, and eventually you’ll try Hulu Plus, and you’ll both move on. So while you still have time, you should make room within your social life and spend some time killing brain cells and binge watching TV shows. As your betchy guide in this endeavor, I feel obligated to introduce you to some shows that are worth your valuable time and are pretty fucking betchy.




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