PLL's Caleb Rivers Shows Off His Ass on Instagram | Betches

PLL's Caleb Rivers Shows Off His Ass on Instagram

By The Betches

Caleb Rivers (also known by his birth name Tyler Blackburn) has taken a lesson from Pretty Little Liars' ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson and is making a name for himself on Instagram. Caleb instagrammed this picture of his ass while swimming in Fiji. He captioned the pic 'Troubled Waters' because you know, he's deep and shit. Also, is it just me or could this guy use a tutorial in proper filter work?

In an unsurprising twist of events his new show Ravenswood has been cancelled and there's still no word on whether or not Caleb will return to PLL and get back with Hefty Hanna. I'm hoping he doesn't come back so we can get a look at Hanna single in college, smoking weed and eating her weight in cheese fries while hooking up with randos. Allison would be so proud. 




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