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Bar Primi: Enough Carbs To Run A Marathon

By The Betches

Bar Primi Rating: 7.5/10

Food: 3.5

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 2

The Atmosphere

Our biggest complaint with Bar Primi was definitely the existence of the communal table and the fact that we were seated at it. It feels like you're in a school cafeteria for adults. Communal tables are really the worst. I mean, no one ever goes to a restaurant and says to themself, "you know what would make this experience better? If we were all sitting together." 

There are no reservations, so come early. Or really late, because this place does late night, as well as brunch. Aka feel free to eat enough carbs to run a marathon at almost any time you like.

The Crowd

Not really a casual family spot but it seems to accommodate all ages as long as you're chic. 

The Service

It really wasn't memorable. We were too pissed off about the table and the fact that you're sitting on top of the people next to you and that they're close enough to inevitably elbow you trying to get the perfect instagram shot.

Is it instagram worthy? Do bears shit in the woods?

Is the bread worth the carbs? The whole wheat breadsticks that they serve at the beginning are dece but not worth the carbs considering you're about to eat more pasta than you probably have in the past decade combined. They don't even give olive oil or anything, because they're purists I'm sure, but this doesn't make it better.

Good for: Dates, brunch, indulging in carbs with your friend who's gluten free

Is there a chance I'll run into a celebrity? It's possible. Idk why but I picture Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen having a secret pre-sex rendezvous here (in my imagination). 

Neighborhood: East Village

Price: $$

The Food

Eggplant bruschetta - With goat cheese underneath. I wish there was a little less eggplant because it couldn't fit that shit in my mouth. It was also kind of surprisingly spicy and a little acidic. Not a must order unless you are like, really obsessed with eggplant.

Ricotta bruschetta - There's fig on this which gives it the perfect amount of sweetness and the ricotta is like the monster from Monsters Inc. Sooooo fluffy. Definitely order.

Linguini with garlic and breadcrumbs - Definitely don't want to make out after this one, though it was one of our favs (along with the bucatini). It's very garlicky but very delicious and cooked al dente (as all of the dishes are so we're going to mention that here and not again). 

Ricotta spinach ravioli - This has some kind of surprise lemon citrus flavor that comes out really strong. If you're a ravioli person, you'll like it. If not, stick to the linguini. 

Eggplant rigatoni - You barely notice the eggplant, and it's the large chunks of cheese (hidden from this photo) that make it amazing.

Bucatini - This is actually pretty spicy and the lamb is really tender (it's slow cooked). This recipe feels like it came out of an Italian grandma's handwritten cookbook.

Restaurant Info

325 Bowery

Joey Ramone Place
New York, NY 10003

212 · 220 · 9100




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