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Willow Smith's Topless Photo Causes A Shit Storm

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Willow Smith is causing people all over the internet to freak out and question Will and Jada's parenting, once again. This time, it's not because she was photographed in bed with the 12-year-old villain from Hannah Montana, but because she posted a "topless" photo on Instagram, which they quickly took down. When you look at the photo you'll see why I put topless in quotation marks.

Props to whoever designed this because this fugly shirt has just become the shirt heard round the world, with people flipping shits on both sides: on the one hand, you have the crazies who think Willow is being completely inappropriate and sexualized at too young an age. They are also probably the same people who brought you that yoga pants article we covered earlier (but we can't confirm). On the other hand, you have the women's freedom fighters chiming in with their choruses of "slut shaming!" and "a girl should be able to do what she wants with her body!"

However, no one's pointing out the obvious: this is just a fucking shirt. It's not even a shirt with a picture of actual boobs on it; it's clearly a photo of a topless statue (you can tell by the arms, or lack thereof), printed on a shirt, with some Asian-inspired watercolor art thrown in for good measure. Like, if 14-year-olds are too young to look at cement breasts, I guess we shouldn't be teaching minors what Michelangelo's David is, either. I just want to know wtf exactly is inappropriate about a teenage girl being aware what boobs are, given that...ya know...she has some of her own??

TG it's the weekend bc I need a drink to deal with some people's stupidity.




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