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Betches Trips To Australia

By Delan Cooper

Consider taking a private flight to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or one of Australia's smaller airports. Whether you're planning a spa weekend getaway or want to party all night, a private charter is the way to travel in style. 

Weekend Shopping Sprees

When you pack for your trip, it's better just to bring what you need. You'll be able to shop for a lot of essentials in the larger cities. If you're going to Melbourne or Sydney, you'll find great boutique-style shops. Melbourne is famous for its factory outlet stores. If you're going to Sydney, Paddington Market is a must on your list. The Saturday market offers an array of designer fashions and jewelry. 

The Best Places To Party

Most places in Australia are ideal for women traveling alone or in a group. It's always a good idea to be in the company of a friend or two when you go out, especially at night. If your trip includes beaches and nightlife, you can't beat the Gold Coast as a party destination. Nightclubs, bars, and casinos are all part of the nightlife. The best time to enjoy the beaches is from October through March.


Outdoor Adventures

If you and your friends crave outdoor adventures, Australia offers scuba diving, surfing, and hiking the trails through the National Parks. Always travel prepared if you're going to a wilderness area or the ocean. The parks in Australia have clearly marked trails, and it's always best to stay on the path. 


Organized Tours 

If your plans include extreme sports or outdoor adventures, make sure to hire an experienced guide or travel with a tour group. When you're engaged in any sport in the water, have someone with you at all times. You can see a lot of the natural beauty of Australia on an organized tour and still have time to experience the nightlife with friends at the end of a busy day.


Taking a private flight to Australia with your group allows you to skip the lines in the terminal and enjoy the trip in a luxury jet with plush seating and a menu that you choose. Some private charter companies provide ground transportation and concierge service. Get to your destination faster and enjoy more of your holiday with your friends when you reserve a private charter.




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