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How to Have a Fabulous Hens Night at Home

By Vivean Ligan

You want it to be more than just a glorified slumber party, here is 5 things suggested by XXX Bucks Parties Adelaide that what can you do to spice things up and make it a night you'll never forget?



Guest List

You want this to be a stress-free time. Don't invite anyone who you know will cause drama or who, quite frankly, you just don't want to be there. Remember, this is your Hens Party. It doesn't matter whether or not someone wants to come. If they make you uncomfortable or you know they'll spend the evening going out of their way to be a pain, don't feel bad for leaving them out. Any hassle they give you afterwards will only further reiterate your reason for not asking them to come. 

If there are some people you just can't exclude in order to be socially correct, such as a coworker you see a lot or even your boss, consider hosting a dinner before your actual Hens Night. You can invite everyone, then have your proper Hens Night in with only your closest confidants to look forward to.



Have a Theme

Remember when you were a little girl and choosing a theme for your birthday party each year was almost as fun as the event itself? Why not do the same with a Hens Party theme: Perhaps an old Hollywood movie night, complete with glam makeup tutorials, dress-up and a classics movie marathon where you can fawn over the dreamy teenage heartthrobs that practically defined your adolescence. 

Your Hens Night invitation wording can be played up according to whatever theme you have, so let your imagination run wild!



Hens Night food ideas can range from simple and sweet to gourmet. A make-your-own pizza bar can be a fun time for everyone involved. You can also have a bake off, or ask every person to bring a dish and have a Hens Party potluck. 

Take out from your favourite restaurant is also another option, especially if you're looking to make the night as comforting and cosy as possible.




There are loads of Hens games that go beyond the basics. Try something unique like word banning, where you and your girls compile a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night, and each contributor comes up with a penalty such as taking a shot or paying a fine into a jar you can collect afterwards. 

Male modeling out of Play-Doh and having a competition over whose handmade hunk is the hottest can be a riot, and other classic games like Consequences or Truth or Dare can still be a blast. Check out some other suggestions here.


Make Memories that Last

Give each guest a disposable camera that they can use throughout the night and turn in before they leave. Setting a little basket by the door with a hand-drawn sign is a great way to make sure no one forgets. You can develop the photos and go through them after your wedding to relive the night and later put them into an album, or make copies and send them out with thank you notes.

You can also have a confessions closet, much akin to the ones featured in reality shows, where each guest goes in and records a message for you that you can later watch and then edit into one video relive whenever you need a pick-me-up. 

However you want to spend your Hens Party, make sure that you focus on what counts - the quality time with your loved ones - and don't get too preoccupied with the planning and having things go perfectly. After all, some of the best memories we have with our friends come from things going the exact opposite as we planned.




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