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Its Hens Night! Let’s Bring the Fun In

By Elona Kozlov

 Now, a hen's night can mean anything at all, and there are many innovative ways to bring the fun in. Some women would be content to sit around sewing quilt pieces and sipping tea, but for those of you who crave a bit more from your girls' night out, here are some ideas for you to share.


As adults, we think of toys as being for children, unless we are thinking of a certain type of toy, and then we lower our voices and whisper. There are many companies who have toys for adults that are more than willing to do home parties to show off their wares, so hens night toys would not be a problem. In many cases you can find an adult online shop that has a presenter willing to come to your home and host a party. They bring all the supplies in exchange for you bringing people who may want to purchase their items.


The toys can range from things you use alone to things that require group participation, and a simple search online will produce any number of stores that have just what you are looking for. Many of the party presenters will even have live models to show off the lingerie or other items, giving a better idea of what is what. While they may not have women and toys visuals, its your party! If s and m whips wielded by the hottest women you have ever seen is what you want at your hens night gathering, you will have to make those arrangements. The party presenters may not want to participate, however, so that is something you will have to consider and adjust to accordingly.


There is no reason not to make your hen's night gathering into whatever you want it to be, and really any kind of party would open the way for more rowdy entertainment. An intimate items party would be more conducive, and would also give your guests more of an idea of what to expect. It would be quite awkward if the minister's wife showed up at your sex toy party, right? So, make sure all participants are aware of what kind of party it will be and the kind of behavior that might be expected and you will save some embarrassing moments for your guests.


Finding a party presenter is no trouble either. As mentioned earlier, there are many online shops and many local presenters, some who very likely do not advertise in their local paper. A simple search online will find more options than you ever knew were out there, and in some cases may even present a viable employment opportunity. The host toy companies need people to host home parties and get their products out there. Just remember to make sure all your guests know what to expect before the party. A little consideration will go a long way toward making your hens night party something to talk about. This hens night could be the start of memorable monthly or even weekly gatherings that will have all the neighbors whispering!




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