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Feel Great and Build Muscle Mass with Swimming

By Julia Gomes

When you want to feel great, build up muscle mass, and lose weight there’s one exercise that can help you to achieve all three in a most enjoyable manner. Swimming. When you think of swimming in the pools around Dublin, you probably think about increased blood flow and heart rate which both work to help you maintain your proper weight. But the benefits of swimming don’t stop here; you can burn more fat and build up defined muscles if you spend some quality time in the pool. Let’s look at some ways you can use swimming to help you reach your personal exercise goals.

Muscle toning will be important to you as you begin to lose weight and hone your physique to perfection for your body size and mass. Since water is denser than air, swimming is an excellent way to tone your muscles in a cardio workout that increases your stamina and endurance. The swimming pools in Dublin will provide you with resistance similar to the machines that you’ll find in the gym but being submersed in water helps you to control the resistance that you feel on your body for a more effective workout.

Swimming forces you to work on your breathing. If you have asthma and have trouble doing other types of exercise, the experts at www.thedartryhealthclub.ie can place one of their qualified instructors with you to make sure that you are improving the manner in which you breathe so that you’re increasing the volume in your lungs. Their work with you will also help you to learn how to breathe better when you are running or working out with weights in the gym. Knowing how to use effective breathing techniques will be beneficial to you not only when you’re in the gym but also when you experience some asthma symptoms.

Swimming gives you the opportunity to work out for a longer period of time without experiencing the stress that you feel with other types of exercise. This will keep you from overworking your muscles, injuring joints or bones, and can help to increase your range of motion, especially if the pool is heated.

You’ll just simply feel better if you can rest your mind and rid it of the whirling thoughts that keep you on edge after a long day. Swimming will boots endorphins that increase your feelings of calmness and peace, which is comparable to doing Yoga. You’ll be working your muscles, improving your breathing, and reducing your stress all at the same time.

With the various swimming strokes you use, you can build bigger muscles as you are taking a relaxing swim. You’ll be targeting muscle groups that will develop and strengthen the more you swim on a regular basis. All of this work will result in feeling better about yourself and having more confidence to continue your programme for additional benefits.




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