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Top Three Foods to Eat Before Your Workout

By Julia Gomes

If you’re a health-food buff (or trying to be, anyway), you will be well aware that sugar and carbohydrates are two of the things that you should generally avoid. Carbohydrates, especially, are known for helping you pack on the kilos. But if you are gearing up for a great exercise routine, you need that extra fuel to help you out. It doesn’t mean eating cookies, ice cream, and pasta, either – it just means eating the right foods that ensure the proper amount of energy – and a great workout.

It is important for you to eat something before you work out, especially an hour before you plan to hit the gym. Eating at least an hour before your workout will help your body absorb and begin digesting the food and extracting the nutrients it requires so that you will have the energy you need to give it your best in the gym.

A list of the top three pre-workout routine foods:

1.    Bananas

You may have noticed, many gyms and fitness clubs today have a seemingly endless stock of bananas – and this is hardly surprising, considering the many health benefits bananas provide. According to the fitness experts, such as those in gyms in Dublin like Icon Health Club, one of the premiere gyms in Dublin city centre (learn more about this gym in Dublin by visiting its website), bananas are packed with the good carbohydrates – meaning those that are easily digestible, giving you an additional burst of energy perfect for even the most intense workout routine. In addition to the good carbohydrates bananas provide, they are also loaded with potassium. Potassium is essential in proper muscle and nerve function, and since the body does not hold potassium for a long time, eating a banana prior to your workout will help keep your body’s potassium at a good level during your workout period. Eating a banana is especially beneficial to those who like to work out in the morning, as this is the time when your body needs the most energy to face the day.

2.    Bread

There are many different kinds of bread you can eat, but before a workout, try to stick to wholegrain ones. Even a small slice of this can be a good source of much-needed carbohydrates. You can even choose to load up your bread with honey, jam, or even some eggs for a good dose of protein as well. An extra tip for those planning to work out during their lunch hour: top off your bread with some turkey slices and eat it about 45 minutes before you go to the gym.

3.    Yoghurt and fruit

Another type of food that is perfect for eating before a workout is yoghurt, especially when combined with fresh fruit. Fruit, for one, has high levels of carbohydrates, giving you more energy, and yoghurt (especially Greek yoghurt) is full of protein. The good aspect about this combination is that the fruit’s carbohydrates break down pretty quickly, enhancing your energy in no time, while the protein from the yoghurt can be used by your body after your workout to aid in muscle repair.

There are other foods that can also help you have a great workout – oats, for example, have always been a popular choice for the simple reason that they are packed with fibre, allowing the gradual release of carbohydrates in your body. Aside from having tonnes of fibre, oats also contain a good amount of the B vitamins, helping convert more carbohydrates into much-needed energy.




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