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How to Have a Successful Workout at the Gym: What You Should Remember

By Julia Gomes

Hitting the gym is something that not many of us particularly look forward to – in fact, for most of us, going to the gym is akin to pulling a tooth – not pleasant at all. But for those of you who are serious about getting fit and healthy, one of your best options is to head to the gym and establish exercise as part of your regular or daily routine.

But even if you don’t think of going to the gym as a ‘fun’ thing to do, you can quickly change your mindset if you know what to do – before you are there, when you are there, and after you are done. If you are amply prepared for your gym visit, it need not be a torturous experience – you may even find yourself looking forward to it after a while and feeling incomplete (or even disgruntled) when you can’t manage a visit.   

Establish a good, effective routine

This happens too many times to too many people: they go to the gym and just go on any equipment or machine that is available. First of all, this doesn’t work, especially if your aim is to lose weight and get fit. Establishing a set routine will help you make the most of your visit and maximise your time there. Also, if you already have a routine, you can start being more comfortable because the feeling of uncertainty is gone – additionally, you will feel more confident with your progress as well. If you are not sure about what routine to follow, you can always get advice from a personal trainer, such as those from a popular gym in Dublin like One Escape. One Escape is known for being one of the best gyms in Dublin, not only because of its facilities and amenities but also for its services such as individually-customised programmes for its members.  

Know what to eat: the importance of a pre-workout snack

If you want your gym visit to be more effective (and successful), you need to have sufficient energy and motivation whilst you are there. Whilst motivation is more of an attitude, energy comes from the food that you eat. If you make it a point to eat a good pre-workout snack before hitting the gym, you will have more energy and be more inspired to give it your best.

A good pre-workout snack or meal will consist of a good amount of carbohydrates with a bit of protein thrown in and a tiny bit of fat. Some regular gym-goers swear by this combination: a cup of oatmeal (preferably rolled oats and not instant), two scoops of whey protein, a cup of skimmed milk, and a handful of berries. For beginners, another snack combination could be two slices of wholegrain bread, a cup of cottage cheese, and a small piece of chicken breast (around four to five ounces).

A positive attitude

Making yourself believe that a visit to the gym is a fun experience is easier said than done – but at the end of the day, it’s all about attitude. Before you even begin to prepare your gym bag, you should already be thinking of how good it will be to stretch those muscles, get rid of that flab, and tone that body. If you want, you can even envision yourself doing the exercises you are supposed to do for the day so you can already mentally prepare for it. This is where the saying ‘Mind over matter’ plays a big part.




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