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How Do I Get a Mean Girl To Stop Talking Shit About Me? Dear Betch...

Hey Betches,

I am on a club sports team at my university and it is my first year on my team but I am a junior in college. Anyway, so this girl has been on the team for two years, and I recently only met her at practice for a few hours or meetings for a couple or seconds. When we first started I got the vibe she has a problem with me so I went up to her and straight up asked her if she had a problem with me and she said no that she just has a bitchy attitude and gets like that. But since the season has started she has been saying rude comments and just giving overall attitude. It normally wouldn't bother me so much but I think she turned the team against me.

Recently I had a lunch to catch up with my old ex boyfriend, and it turns out they work together and she has been talking shit about me. She says the whole team doesnt like me and never actually gave a reason for her not to like me aka shes just a caddy bitch. How do I deal with her? Do I confront her? I really enjoy being on the team and I dont want to quit what is a girl to do?


Apparently I'm back in high school

It's Cady,

I mean, I feel pretty confident in saying there's more to the story than what you're giving me here. So you mean to tell me that out of the blue, some total stranger who you had never met before decided she didn't like you for no discernible reason and then plotted this vendetta against you? Like, come on. That shit only happens in Disney Channel movies, like right before the main character turns into a mermaid.

Did you at least try to come up with a reason this girl might have it out for you? Are you dating a guy she used to hook up with? Are you better at whatever unnamed sport you play together and now she's jealous? Is she the villain in every sports movie who just always has it out for "the new kid"? There has to be SOME explanation, and once you find out what it is you can develop a better plan of action than just sitting around wondering why this girl is a life ruiner who ruins people's lives.

The best advice I can give without any details is that you have one of three options: suck it up and keep doing your thing and hope she stops eventually, kill her with kindness (gross), or quit the team. Obviously the second option isn't happening. The third option is also not ideal because betches don't let other people win; we are the ones who do the winning. That leaves you with the first option. Plus, confrontation is a bad idea since you tried confronting her already and that just made her bring the claws out. I feel like a middle school guidance counselor saying this, but I bet once this girl realizes she can't get whatever rise she wanted out of you, being a bitch to you will lose its appeal and she'll either a) move on to someone else or b) remove the stick that is lodged somewhere in her rectum. If that doesn't work, this girl has literally no significance on your life. You see her for a few hours like, what, three times a week tops? You'll live.

You could try intramurals,

The Betches

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