Everything The O.C. Taught Us About Beauty | Betches

Everything The O.C. Taught Us About Beauty

By Betch Du Jour

Welcome to The O.C., betch. Where the liquor ran freely, the nihilism was palpable, and characters were given names like "Volchok" for no apparent reason. Besides their ability to consume an inordinate amount of carbs (i.e. bagels) and still look borderline ano, we looked up to the lives of this incestuous cast. If you were a teen in the era of the '00s, then you wanted to fucking be Marissa Cooper and/or Summer Roberts. You would have probably even settled for being Taylor Townsend, even though she sucked. Maybe it's because their life was lavish, and full of dramz and people who had questionable morals/were actual psychopaths. But it was also probably because these characters didn't care about what sort of terrible pain they inflicted on one another, so much as they cared about what Chanel bag they would wear to school. Honestly, this show taught me some important lessons in the world of being vapid and uninteresting, but like, really really pretty. For instance:




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