A Ranking Of All The Previous 'Bachelors' | Betches

A Definitive Ranking Of All the Old Bachelors by Hotness

By Lisa Vanderbetch

I don’t know one fucking person on the planet that isn’t excited for 2016 to be over. I mean, god damn. GTFO of here already. But on top of all the terrible shit being over, The Bachelor comes back on January 2 so I have another reason to drink a shit ton of wine on a Monday and judge people mercilessly. I consider both two of my greatest passions. Only downside is the head bro is Nick douchebag Viall. Vomit. But whatever. It’ll do. To celebrate the show coming back, we decided to rank all of the previous Bachelors by hotness. Merry fucking Christmas.

Scroll down continuously for the whole list, you should know how it goes by now.

18. Ben Flajnik

Sorry, Ben F., but you weren’t hot AND you sucked as a human. Also, I saw a meme once comparing him to Francine from Arthur and I will literally never be the same.




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