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Opinions/Advice needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By thebetchiestbitch

Dear Betch Community,

This is a long story, so brace yourselves. Okay so about a month ago I lost my virginity to one of my best guy friends (I'm in high school). We had been best friends for about a year, but our relationship always had sexual undertones. We would frequently talk about hooking up, but nothing ever came to fruition. About a month before we had sex, we started discussing it, and it sounded like the perfect friends with benefits situation. 

We both decided that we wanted to keep the whole thing a secret. I wanted to keep it a secret because obviously secret sex is hot, and also I didn't want to be known as a slut. He claimed he wanted to keep it a secret so it wouldn't effect his chances with other girls, but I honestly just think he was embarrassed. 

So the night we had sex one of his friends saw us get into his car together, and seemed to be on to us. Keep in mind, during the whole sexperience he didn't treat me especially well, but not particularly badly either. It was just very down to business. Anyway, so I ended up with the Facebook password of the friend who was on to us and ended up reading his private messages the next night (don't judge). I came across a message from the guy who I had sex with that said that I tried to hook up with him the night before and that he didn't want to and was weirded out that I tried. 

OBVIOUSLY I was incredibly pissed and confronted him. During the confrontation, he pretty much stuck to the fact that he did nothing wrong and thought that I was crazy for not wanting to be his friend anymore. 

Anyway, in school soon after this whole fiasco, he would try to be normal and make small talk, but I would either not respond to him or be very short with him. It was very clear that I had no interest in talking to him or being his friend, and he eventually got the hint and pretty much stopped trying. 

The thing is, now he constantly stares at me. I'll be in a big group of people, and i'll see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. My friends have also noticed and commented on the fact that he stares at me. Also, the other day I was talking to my friends about a different hook up near him, and he overheard and stormed out of the room.

I really don't fucking get it. He treated me like absolute shit and now he is making it seem like he liked me by staring and all of that. What is his deal!?! Please, please give me any advice (even if its brutally honest) 


Fucking Confused Betch 




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