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Oscar De La Renta: Obetchuary

By Queen Elizabetch

Fashion icon Oscar De La Renta died Monday night at 82 years old. Celebrities are already panicking about who they'll wear on red carpets.

De La Renta was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, making his first accomplishment not becoming a baseball player. By 19 years old he was interning for Balenciaga, which is a little bit different that our nepotism driven summer internships at a "marketing company." He moved to Paris in his late 20s to work at Lanvin as a "couture assistant." In his early thirties, he got bored and decided to start designing "ready to wear" collections. Don't be confused, ready to wear is not the Cheryl Ladd Collection from JC Penny (on sale).

He designed for Balmain, had his own label, and was honored by both the Spanish and French governments as the best fucking thing to ever happen to them. When asked about his clientele, "Never the ladies who lunch. They never lunched! They always wanted to stay thin." - Best thinspiration I've ever heard.

He's been titled "sultan of suave" and has dressed anybody who has ever been relevant: 5 First Ladies (Jackie Kennedy, ever heard of her?), Carrie Bradshaw, Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington and Blair Waldorf to name a few. Take a look at some of his best looks to remember a true fashion legend. Rest in haute couture Oscar. We honor you with a slideshow of celebs looking amazing in your dresses. 







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