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Our Favorite Lauren Conrad Moments of All Time

By Cleobetchra

Ever since Lauren Conrad Instagrammed her engagement ring, we’ve been waiting for the wedding. Not that we’ll be going or anything, but everyone’s been living vicariously through LC since ’04 so why stop now? This is like the royal wedding of reality TV. Obviously Lauren has too much class to televise it, but we kind of wish she would. To celebrate our favorite reality star’s big day, we’ve come up with our favorite LC moments that illustrate why she’s such a betch.

Lauren understands how relationships are supposed to work.

Lauren understands how friendships are supposed to work. 

She selfied before selfies were a thing. 

She’s chill with being single. 

She’s just a betch. 

She knows how to make an exit. 

Lauren understands how the world works. 

She says what everyone’s thinking. 

She shares our problems. 

She spoke these timeless words. 

Lauren knows what real love is. 

And she has standards. 

She didn’t go to Paris. 

Lauren’s not mad. 

She has a sense of humor.  

She shed the black tear and we all cried with her. 

Throughout it all, we were on Lauren’s side even when she was wrong. Kidding, she was always right. Thank you for giving us seven seasons of drama, vicarious friendship and heartbreak.




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