10 Overused Instagram Captions | Betches

10 Overused Instagram Captions

By Blackout Betch

There’s an epidemic that’s been ruining the lives of Americans everyday. No, it’s not Ebola. It’s girls thinking they’re funny by using the same captions on their Instagrams. On any given Tuesday, there will be at least 6 girls on my feed that caption their photos “club going up on a Tuesday.” Your bestie’s shitty apartment is not considered a club, one, and two, I doubt you know any other lyric to that song besides the one you ruin as a result of your lack of creativity.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts (this isn’t pre-war Russia), but if your thoughts are as unoriginal as this I don’t see why you feel a need to share them on social media. Nothing is more frustrating than scrolling through Instagram to block out Sunday morning regrets and seeing the same shit over and over again.

Below is a list of all overused captions, sad excuses for creativity, and reasons why I have to fight an urge to throw up. Take note so you know what to avoid and stop this problem from really getting out of hand.




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