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A Definitive Betchiness Ranking Of Party Snacks

By Betchy Crocker

With football and other sports well underway, we took the time to explore the wide world of snacks. There’s something to be said about where our favorite guilty pleasures rank in the ladder of finger foods. These are classic, go-to snacks—so don’t fucking be afraid to rock the boat and serve something different, either.

Basic bitches everywhere have turned to chips and salsa for years to cope with everything from breakups to boredom. When they’re served at a party, it’s probs one of the only things we’ll eat. However, there’s a grossness factor that goes with chips and salsa at a party—especially if said party includes people that are questionable. Someone drops a chip in the dip and fishes it out. Someone double dips. Someone else hovers a little too close to the salsa while popping chips in their mouth. You could be technically tongue kissing the 50-year-old with nose hair and not realize it. But, because of our love for this simple dish, it will forever remain our top party snack. Hail, chips and salsa.




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