The Pokémon Characters Ranked By Betchiness | Betches

The Pokémon Characters Ranked By Betchiness

By Jane Duh

Everybody and their mom is talking about Pokémon Go these days (seriously—Hillary Clinton just talked about it on the campaign trail) so I guess it's time for Betches to address the craze by digging back through the Pokémon archives and determine which characters are betchy, and which are not.

These are Pokémon characters ranked by betchiness (and no, I didn't do all of the original 150. Ain't nobody got time for that...) 

Sorry guys, but Ash Ketchum is whiny AF. Maybe you should stop worrying so much about what Gary thinks and start worrying about your own damn self, dude? You're trying to be a Pokémon master and you can't even get your starter to live in his Pokéball like nature intended, plus you are like, ten years old. You should be in school learning to socialize. Also your last name is Ketchum. Like, "Catch 'em." Get the fuck out of here with that. You can't sit with us.




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