How to Deal with Post-Spring Break Depression | Betches

How to Deal with Post-Spring Break Depression

If you’ve recently found yourself stalking beach selfies, craving a mojito before 11AM, and quietly crying while applying aloe to your peeling body, you’re probably suffering from post-spring break depression.

You’re back at school and the thought of setting an alarm clock for class makes you want to jump on a plane straight back to PV. We’ve all been there. But now that you’re back, follow these five steps to deal with your vacation withdrawal:

If you were blackout your entire vacation, keep the momentum going. Rosé season is coming up in a few months, so you’re just getting your liver prepared. Order mimosas at brunch, invite friends for happy hour, take a shot every time someone starts boring you with political issues—basically, do whatever you need to do to stay buzzed until summer comes.




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