What Do I Put in My Post-Workout Smoothie? | Betches

What Do I Put in My Post-Workout Smoothie?

By Say Yes To The Betch

You walk out of the locker room, tying your hair up in a messy topknot and throwing your Lulu jacket over your sweaty sports bra. With the combination of your post-workout endorphin release and the sound of Drake’s voice blasting in your ears, you’re feeling like a champ. As you chug the rest of your water and slide on your aviators to avoid eye contact with the creepy trainer at the front desk, it hits you: smoothie time.

Every betch knows that smoothies are the perfect way to refuel after a good sweat sesh, especially if you’re on the go. However, most betches don’t know that you should actually be putting specific ingredients in your shake depending on what type of activity you did. Need some help deciding? Here’s a guide to ensure you’re picking the right ingredients for your post-workout fix:




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