The Best Pregame Songs of 2015 | Betches

The Best Pregame Songs of 2015

By Betch Ivy Carter

When you look back on 2015 what will you remember? Drake vs. Meek? One Direction breaking up? The transformation of Caitlyn Jenner? All the stupid shit Donald Trump did? That time we all stopped working to watch a high-speed llama chase? Maybe some of those events will stick, but most likely 2016 will be a shit storm that will erase our collective memory of everything that happened over the past twelve months.

Years from now, when we’ve all forgotten that we used to caption all our photos #squadgoals there is a single memory that will stick. One day, fifteen years from now when you’re in your sad 30s, you’ll be sitting in a bar on throwback night downing vodka sodas and resenting other people’s youth when you will hear it. A single chord that will reawaken a monster in you. The unmistakable, opening bars of Trap Queen will permeate your vodka-hazed mind and almost instantly 2015 will come roaring back to you in a flash of alcohol-fueled glory.

Suddenly your head is spinning with music from parties long past and you realize that some things never truly leave you. Because in the end, after all the pop culture and politics are said and done, all we have are the songs that we blacked out to in our youth.

So this New Year’s Eve, when you’re preparing yourself for the annual ritual in which we all drink full fifths over the course of four short hours before making out with a stranger in an overcrowded bar, pay 2015 the respect it deserves by blacking out to it’s greatest hits one last time.




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