Prince Harry: Broast Of The Week | Betches

Prince Harry: Broast Of The Week

By The Betches

Today's Broast goes out to the birthday boy, Prince of-my-heart Harry. If you haven't thought about meeting/marrying/hooking up with Harry then you're probably a nice girl and you should go knit a sweater. Harry turned 30 years young today, which tbh is kinda old. It's fine though because he still has all of his hair, abs, and smile. Also his dad Chuck and mother Diana (RIP) were 13 years apart so the age difference really doesn't mean anything. Anyways here are 9 reasons why the royal birthday bro is the best ugly hot ginger to come out of London since Ron Weasley hit puberty. 

HBD babe. HMU if you're ever in #63 America.




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