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Product Of The Week: Chanel Glow Fluid

By Betch Better Ha...

Every betch should already have the Chanel Classic Flap in her closet, it have been a must since 1955. And I’m sure most of you already use Chanel makeup and skincare because we love expensive skin shit. But one product that I have to give a shout out to is the “Les Beiges Glow Fluid”.


It is fucking magic. Part makeup, part skincare it is the last product in the CC, BB cream world that you need to try. Seriously, it makes your skin look flawless and it honestly feels like you aren’t wearing makeup. This is great for summer because it is just heavy enough to cover up any sunburn redness, but so light that you will just look like you are a goddess with the perfect tan.

After you moisturize just paint some of this shit on and go. Don’t put any powder or anything, it honestly gives you just the right amount of brightness while still covering up any ugliness you’re currently suffering from.




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