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QUIZ: Are You Doing Okay At Being An Adult?

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Being an adult is hard, and betches aren’t always the best at it. If you’re feeling like a fuck-up who doesn’t have her life together, don’t ask your friends for assurance or your parents for advice. Look no further to our signs that you’re doing okay. Remember: everything is relative. Read the list below, and then keep track of how many items apply to you.

If you checked…


0 items: You’re a hot mess and you need to get your shit together.


1-6: You’re not a full adult yet, but you’re at least on the path to adulthood. You get an A for effort (even if your execution is like, a C at best).


6-10: You’re better at this than most. I bet you even cook without a recipe, you classy betch. Just don’t forget that you used to be fun.


10-14: Okay, time to reign it back. You’re not that old yet. Try to enjoy some of the youth you have left, before your “wild” Thursday nights become mah-jongg with the neighborhood ladies.”




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