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A Real-Life Miranda Priestly Got Fired For Bitching Out An Intern

By Queen Elizabetch

If you thought your summer internship was rough because you had to fill out endless Excel spreadsheets and drink Keurig coffee, that was a cake walk compared to Keirra Webster's internship at Paper Magazine. Yeah, the Paper Magazine that tried to help Kim Kardashian break the internet with her ass and photoshopped Champagne.

Keirra decided to listen to her career counselor's advise and take advantage of the connections from her internship, and listen to Donald Trump's advice by providing "alternative facts". So she RSVP'd to New York Fashion Week shows by pretending to be the assistant to Paper Magazine's fashion editor, Paul-Simon Djite. Somebody call up Cecily von Ziegesar for a comment, because this feels like a Little J storyline.

When Djite figured out that Kierra was pimping out his name to get a glimpse of Bella Hadid, he went ape shit and called Kierra out for her shit via an email to all of the designers. The subject line was "Intern trying to bullshit her way into shows," which gives me déjà vu from when Kendall Jenner first walked in New York Fashion Week. Basically the email was a slightly less elegant version of "Don't trust this girl, she is a fugly slut." You can read the full email below.

"It's been brought to my attention that Kierra Webster has been trying to rsvp for shows claiming she is my assistant. Just FYI - Keirra does not work for me!! She is an intern at Paper, a real shit one, and the audacity of this stunt must show you just how switched off the light in her head is. Please note, she is not worthy of your time...burn and dump the corpse of her communications in internet landfill. Such blatant stupidity...who birthed you Keirra? They need to put you back in. You silly twat. Quit your fucking around." 

Obvi the Editor-in-Chief of Paper couldn't let this go, because it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. She fired Djite and said that the email was "totally unjustified and inappropriate." Tbh, the email was mean as shit but it wasn't incorrect, much like when you drunkenly bitched out the slore sleeping with your ex. But Djite can take a lesson from Hillary Clinton and remember that emails ruin lives.





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