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Riff Raff Will Do Random Shit For Money

By Queen Elizabetch

Riff Raff - the guy who James Franco's character in Spring Break was based off of and rocked the joutfit (all jean outfit) with Katy Perry to the VMA's - will do approx anything for some money. Help him he's poor. Apparently he's taking time out from his busy schedule of tip-toeing in his Jawdins.

You can pay him anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple grand - plus travel (okay Kim Kardashian, take a fucking knee) - to do a bunch of random shit like skype your grandparents, call your mom, Instagram your dog, or draw you a tattoo. This is like the fame whore edition of Kickstarter.

Also, in case you were getting bored this Tuesday, watch the video below. 






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