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RIP McDreamy

By Queen Elizabetch

Dr. Derek King-Of-My-Heart Shepherd died last night on Grey's Anatomy, because Shonda Rhimes is a psychopath. It's okay if you need to cancel work, rewatch season 1, and sob for the rest of the day. If you didn't start watching Grey's in middle school and recap with your besties at lunch on Fridays then you probably had a shitty childhood.

The show had its ups and downs (read: the bomb episode and Izzie's cancer). But Grey's showed us that doctors can be crazy hot, have insanely incestuous sex lives, and live in a place where the amount of tragedies that happen is statistically impossible.

But last night, Dr. Shepherd, the perfect combination of bro and brain surgeon died, and not like the other two times that we thought he was dead (Shonda Rhimes really likes to fuck with us). In classic form, he was driving when two cars got into an accident. He saved all four people involved and then was hit by a semi-truck. The ambulance took him to a shitty hospital (Seattle Pres?) and the doctors totally fucked up. Which was probably another part of Shonda's campaign to convince us how good Seattle West/Grey-Sloan Memorial is (I'm still calling bullshit because they only have ORs). Meredith took him off life-support after the most painfully sad montage set to Chasing Cars. I was Kim Kardashian ugly crying. To remember and celebrate the remarkable life of Derek "I am your shining knight in whatever" Shepherd, here are the top 10 reasons we'll miss him.

RIP McDreamy, Thursday nights will never be the same.




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