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The Royal Family Is Hiring, So Get Your Resume Ready

Unless you're a finance betch or your dad came through with an offer, the job search is the worst thing to happen to spring semester since Zika virus. Well, the British Royal Family needs a social media savvy betch to control their image. So instead of uploading pics from formal, you'd be posting for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The official title is "Head of Digital Engagement," which is a little unfair because if I hear the words "engagement" and "royalty" in the same sentence, I automatically start planning my floral arrangements in Westminster Abbey. You'd get paid $70,000 per year to take photos of Kate, Will, George, Charlotte, and Harry and think of clever captions for Twitter and Instagram.

Basically, if you've broken the 200 like count on Insta, you're qualified for this job. Whoever gets hired absolutely has to convince them to get a Snapchat account, because then we could watch Kylie lip sync in her car and Kate speak at a charity event in 20 seconds.

So as great as Teach for America is, you should stop whatever you're doing and go apply for this job. 




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