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Ryan Gosling's Therapist Told Him To Chill

I've never been to a therapist, mostly because I self medicate with alcohol, but celebrities who have all of the money and time in the world see their shrinks on a regular basis. Celebs like Ryan Gosling, who probably sees a therapist to cry about how he misses Rachel McAdams so, and how he wishes things worked out differently. Just saying.

Anyway, a "long time ago," Ryan went to see a therapist who wrote him a prescription that read "Do comedy." Gosling didn't take this lightly, hence his rolls in movies like Nice Guys and The Big Short. In an interview with Evening Standard, Gosling explained how it's easy to tell if comedy is working, because people laugh. It's harder to tell with dramas, because resting bitch face looks a lot like you're interested in what's going on.

He's also going to star in ANOTHER movie with Emma Stone (La La Land), which is supposed to be cute and funny. Side note - can they just hook up already? Please? 

Honestly, I look forward to La La Land and wish Ry-Guy would get back to doing more shit like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love, because those movies made my cold, dead heart swoon.





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