Apparently Ryan Reynolds Used To Be Fugly | Betches

Apparently Ryan Reynolds Used To Be Fugly

By Betch Du Jour

Resident hottie, Ryan Reynolds, went on the Graham Norton show last Friday to reveal that he used to be heinous. 

^ Art, imitating life.

"I went through puberty at like 27. It was a freak thing—yeah, it was not good!" Ryan you were 26 when Van Wilder came out, so like, false. Not that I don't believe you were once an atrocious monster (Stars! They're just like us!), but just stop trying to be relatable. 

Hyperbole aside, Ryan also talked about his first crush (Spoiler alert: Not Serena Van Der Woodson). Some loser named Fiona. I bet she's so pissed to hear this now. Sorry Fiona, too little too late. I'll just leave this here for you.




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