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A List Of Shit You Should Actually Do This Summer

If you're like me, summer is your time to thrive. You could die in a beach chair, the sun warming your face and the sand between your toes. When the summer rolls around, you DGAF about anything, because it's fucking summertime and we only have three months to be happy. Memorial Day Weekend means the start of this incredibly freeing season, so get ready. Here's a list of shit you should actually plan to do this summer. 

If you've already achieved your summer bod, I have some bad news. You can't glide through the summer, eating and drinking whatever you want, without having to work out. Balance is key during this season. And by balance I mean a quick workout in the morning means margs at lunch time. When you do workout, don't make it a bitch-ass workout, either. Actually try and you'll reap the rewards.




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