Should I Be Drinking Shandies? An Investigation | Betches

Should I Be Drinking Shandies? An Investigation

By Betchy Crocker

Betches generally stay away from beer unless they’re a) tailgating, b) playing beer pong and are in college, c) are in a tropical place where Corona is acceptable or d) are already chubby. It’s pretty much the rules of feminism – and don’t go off on a “IPAs and micro-brews” rant. Get outta here, hipsters.

But the rise of the summer shandy has us thinking. I mean, it’s a beer mixed with a fruity drink, so, does the limit of the beer intake apply? We say: it depends.

Ok, but what EXACTLY is it? A shandy is beer mixed with a soft drink, lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, apple juice, or orange juice. The proportions are usually one to one and can be adjusted however you like. The number one thing that sucks about shandies is that their alcohol content is kinda low. Boo.

There are several shandies which we now deem acceptable for betches everywhere. You can also make your own, because duh:

Enjoy the final days of summer with adult lemonade.




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