How To Look and Feel Younger Betches

6 Ways To Look And Feel Younger When You Treat Your Body Like Crap

By Betch No. 5

You might be 25, but you probably wake up feeling upwards of 40. This could be attributed to your party lifestyle, or it could be because you take shitty care of yourself.

Whether you consider yourself the betchiest person you know or you're more of a nicegirl who reads this site to avoid becoming a further annoyance to the people around you, we all share one major issue in life: aging. There's nothing worse in this life than waking up to find stray gray hairs growing out of your head, or noticing a new wrinkle under your eyes.

Every morning when you wake up, you're another day older. Every time you blink, you're another second older. Every breath you get it. Take a deep breath and relax, because stress only advances the aging process. Here are the best ways to avoid stress and slow aging down. Kick stress to the curb and keep yourself looking fabulously young with these tips. 

And we mean ANY kind of sugar. White, brown, even raw. It's all crap that will cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket and ultimately leave you feeling tired and bloated, like that bottle of rosé you had to yourself last weekend. On top of making you feel sluggish and chubby, sugar can royally fuck up your skin. Collagen hates sugar, and it rebels against your body in the form of wrinkled skin.




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