#SlayYourPay with Betches x Soap & Glory

By The Betches

2016 was a weird year for everyone. Rob Kardashian was with child, Britain said peace to Europe, and a gorilla got shot. But we're determined to kill it for the last few days we have left, and we're doing it the best way we know how: by finding ways to enable our shopping and spending addictions for a successful 2017. What if we told you you technically deserve to be able to afford more vacations, more elaborate Starbucks drinks, and more expensive skin shit than you're already buying?

We're v proud to announce a new campaign to empower betches everywhere to get what they deserve, or as a female rights activist might say, close the gender pay gap. We're working with one of our favorite beauty brands that just launched in the US (they're already like, wayyyy famous in the UK), Soap & Glory.

What is the gender pay gap and why should I care?

Basically the gender pay gap means that women, on average, are only paid 80% of what men are (aka for every dollar a man gets, a woman only gets 80 cents) for doing equivalent jobs that require equivalent experience. And while making 20 cents less than your boyfriend sounds like nbd, over time this turns into a fuckload of money. I object! 

If there was no wage gap, a woman would earn on average $530,000 more over her lifetime, which in some states could buy you a literal mansion. Do you care yet?

That's like, so unfair. How can this happen?

The sad truth is that the pay gap starts with a discrepancy between men and women's entry level salaries, usually right out of college. Men tend to negotiate for higher pay than women, and many people simply don't know that you can or should negotiate, or that it's up to us to ask for a raise. The employer isn't going to just offer because you're pretty. 

What can I personally do about this?

Omg so glad you asked. Everyone knows Decembetch is the month of spending money, and we want you to have more to spend. We're declaring December to be National Ask For A Raise Month. It's also the month of performance reviews, making it the perfect time to ask for a raise. 

How do I ask?

You just fucking ask. You can also read our article on how to ask for a raise like a betch.

Also, we'll be sharing Slay Your Pay stories on our podcast Betch Slapped all month, so if you want a shout out (anonymous or not), you should share your story with us by email at [email protected] and maybe we'll read it on the 'cast.



Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006, when we decided to formulate fun, world-class quality beauty products that would give every girl the best bang for her beauty budget.  We suggest using Soap & Glory with equal parts happiness and abandon, because we believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.  




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